A Collaboration Between "Beit El Kahen" in Maad and "Message De Paix"

On Friday, January 3, 2020, Archbishop Michel Aoun, as the legal guardian of "Beit El Kahen" in Maad, signed along with Dr. Hector El-Hajjar, president of the “Message De Paix” association, a cooperation agreement stipulating that the center "Beit El Kahen" will be placed at the disposal of "Message De Paix" association in order to secure educational, social and economic programs for adults with special mental and physical needs. This agreement also provides for the provision of service for elderly priests in fulfillment of the endowment goal established by the Bishop Ignatius Ziadeh to receive priests from the Christian churches after their retirement or for the purpose of rest. The signing ceremony was attended by members of the endowment committee of "Beit El Kahen", Bishop Guy Boulos Njeim (the spiritual father of the association), president of the Association of Christian Businessmen and Leaders and a number of priests of the Maronite Archdiocese of Byblos, in addition to members of "Message De Paix's" team. Bishop Aoun welcomed the attendees, expressing his pleasure in securing this necessary need for our brothers with special needs in the region, as well as reactivating the mission of "Beit El Kahen" and the desire of its founder. Dr. Hajjar assured that the work on rehabilitating the center will start soon, God willing, in cooperation with the philanthropists and the Ministry of Social Affairs hoping that it will be inaugurated in next September 2020.